Gulabi: A Rosey Something (Pink)

I swear by pink
some people say the color of the heart is red
but I think it's pink
because holding your heart in my hand...
I swear it's pink.

Remember those pink paper hearts we carved one day?
how we wrote love letters on each and every single one of them,
from you to me, from me to you
then we posted them to each other
laughing all the way to the post office and back.

That night the sky was pink
and we were pink right underneath.

It was a gloomy day when the mail came in
and the flurry of pink that was our hearts, melted
we sat in a flurry of pink
reading promises written from behind pink-colored glasses
from me to you, you to me.

Everyone's always acting like there's more to life
like the sky really isn't what it is
or night doesn't come when it usually does
like we need to look for more out there
when in here, when it's just us, that's all there is

The world is pink.
we paint it red and ruin it
then we make it blue and ruin ourselves
but I want you pink where I can see you
and where I can see myself
That's the shade of color we're in
When it's love it's love
but when we're pink that's all there is
me and you, in pink.


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