It's two am in the morning and I have a really long day ahead of me, but I feel like writing. So I choose to ignore self discipline and the voice in my head telling me how bad this decision is and..write.

I will call this one woman.
So beautiful, you are crafted
all in His image. His likeness, he molded you.
A taste of His glory and a testimony to His love
you are sculpted.
Fearfully and wonderfully made are you
and marvelous are his works, and this your heart knows.

Your heart.
The rumblings of a tired mind, and the wounds of an abused body bares itself so aggressively in your reflection, and the saltiness of your soul has lost its savor. Your heart.
You have endured the never ending lashings of this world, coerced into believing that they were well deserved, it is all your fault when really....it isn't.
Maybe if you weren't there at that time, in that place, at that spot, in that dress with that smile then it might never have happened, but it did.

But did you know..
Woman, you have caused an uproar in the heavens, the earth shakes underneath your feet and the spirits quake in awe whenever you're around. The world does not understand you and the power you carry within you so it sets out to tear you down. So it is not your fault. If only you knew your beauty lies not only in the physical but mostly in who you are, your spirit and your strength, you would understand what he that is in this world understands. So he will do everything in his power to suppress your power, he will steal from you even before you know you have...this is true.

Woman, your fears, disappointments, failures, rejections, hurt, pain, oppression, neglect, abuse, low self esteem, past, present, mistakes, regrets etc..should not cause you to put a lock on your heart and throw out the key. Instead with eyes wide open, and heart wide open go out into the world and bare your soul. You are beautiful and that is the only beauty that can save this world. Do not turn against it lest you turn against yourself.

He is glorious, radiant and more beautiful than we could imagine
He who created all that we know, from the beautiful flower fields to the stars and distant planets far from us. The clouds were personally crafted each day by his hands and the sun glows brightly everyday to remind us of His faithfulness. The mountains and their glacier-ed peaks sit gloriously atop the earth and the red soil for miles and miles contrast beautifully with the green of the forest. Waterfalls cascade down into rivers that bring peace into our souls as we sit and stare up at the blue-grey sky. Birds that chirp and ignite songs into our hearts fly in the sky above us, and animals roam the earth each as unique as the last.

How mighty is He that made all of this and then decided to make you.
Woman, He makes everything glorious and perfect, especially when He made you. Fearfully and wonderfully you are made and marvelous are His works, look inside and you will know.


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