What do you know? (A rant)

You look surprised
Why, because I don't bare what's within?
Have I cheated your mind
Because I chose to clothe my real?

Go ahead, peel away,
Layers upon layers of layers
You won't see a thing until I decide
So peel away
Dive to the bottom of my heart
But be careful what you find inside

You who look at me and see what you wish
vision clouded by some pre-determined notion
oh, you have just touched the tip
I tell you, far and wide is my ocean
ha! Confusion, I watch your face wrinkle up
all the thoughts you had for me crumpled up
crumpled up and torn away, snatched away
me! me! I, am me!
and there is so much to me
that you, you cannot see

You cannot see, You cannot see
do you have eyes, that will not see?
Yet with confidence you break me down
ha! you say you see me, you say you know me!
How foolish is one that does not know
that they do not know
yet insist that they do know, what do you know?
about my nights? about my dark? about my light?
what do you know?
about my storms? about my rains? about my fights?
what do you know?
about my victories? about my triumps? about my conquests?
what do you know? you that has got me pegged
has got me figured out.
what do you know?

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