Authenticity...A Counter Post

So, my dad read my last post and after I got over the cringe, nail-biting episode, we actually had a good discussion. After talking, this is what he sent me, I hope you will be blessed by it like I was:

Any discussion with my dad is always a good one, I really admire him and his thoughts. So while we were discussing my last post, I knew I had to listen up because there would be treasures in there. It's amazing how he's able to discern the core issue, dive straight into the heart of the matter and state it plainly in the open. I really appreciate his honesty.

He, along with a few others, brought to my attention how harsh I was being on myself, but I love how he explained it to me, not only coming from the point of view of a father, but also giving me a hint of God's point of view. We talked about perception, the way one sees themselves, and how how that translates into how you treat others. He helped to direct me to the root and foundation, which is the word of God.

So while Authenticity is extremely important, staying in the Word brings out those characteristics God wants for us. We are renewed and transformed and issues like honesty become a non-issue, along with love for one another, it pours out of us like a fountain.

I'm learning..


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