...and Again.

I've been playing a fool, slipping away
quietly going through my day to day
thinking I'm being so relevant
when all this while I've been stagnant
quietly aching for some kind of need
emptiness and loneliness in the spirit
there's a need in the spirit.

quietly I'm arrested
hands behind my back and head hanging low
shame in my neglect and fear for my soul
You have found me again, isn't that amazing?
I was walking away, I didn't even notice
Thank God, you have spotted me out
cornered me and called me out

So I'm here,
"I was lost again?" I ask you quietly
I got to the gates and saw who was waiting
I knew I had to be on the wrong side of town
when the darkness began to creep inside
I could smell the beginnings of an attack
And then you swooped in and called me back

I'm grateful for you.
You who does not sleep
Me, in your hands you keep.


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