A Piece of Glory

Sun light streams through the window, bouncing off the walls and illuminating the room. Through the window, I look at the source.

Wrapped up in drifting blue-grey clouds, the sun- a round burst of light- rests like a pearl in the mouth of an oyster. Through the blinds, she looks like a naked bulb in the sky. I pull the blinds up and my eyes strain to re-collect the round shape, squinting, to pull the halo of lights bursting from the middle back into a shape I can name. But they stream off in odd angles, piercing my pupils until I have no choice but to close my eyes. In the darkness, there are two blue-green dots outlined by a red circle, and the longer I shut my eyes, the more the circles seem to drift into eachother, until I open them again. Forgeting the intensity of the light in front of me, I snap open my eyes only to be blinded immediately, the dots are bigger and brighter when I shut my eyes.

The sun must be a tiny piece of God's glory here on earth, I conclude. Imagine how bright, beautiful and piercing the glory of God must be, the light that shines within. Then when I close my eyes, the dots must be my spirit and soul, illuminated by the light, backed by the glory-slowly merging into one.

Maybe I've over-analyzed.


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