I ain't scared no more

If I fear man, then I am not truly Free
See, If my heart beats at the command of One
and my breath breathes at the insistence of One
then who else do I have to fear but that One?

See, if that One gave me this life that I am now living
if that One put these dreams in me that I am now dreaming
if that One surrounded me with the people that I am loving
what is stopping that One from taking it all back from me?

See, I can boast and brag of my accomplishments
or cower and hide from all the uncertainties
I could stand tall, puff my chest up and let them know
or droop when I walk, and keep my head bowed low

See, I could step into the room and make sure all eyes are on me
or I could slip in quietly and find a corner to fade away in
It's all the same to the One that created me from the dust
because everything I do, I do it out of fear of said dust

I am dust.
Life was given to me not by my choice
but because the One decided to let it be
My mother did not conceive to create me
but the One created her to conceive me

If life is in the hands of the One that holds it
why do I fear these ones that are just like me
we are all dust and the hourglass is thinning down
Why waste so much time trying to figure this out?

The one to fear is the One that holds your everyday
The One that commands your breath and watches your every way
Yet that One has called us on to Love, freedom and life
For we are not given the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind

So I will choose to shake off the shackles of fear
knowing that all I have to offer is to the One, my God
not to the souls that surround mine everyday
but to the God that is looking to save us in every way

He has set me free from all kinds of bondage and slavery
He has awakened me from my suicidal reverie
He has done far more for me than my mind could even fathom
So you see it's pure foolishness for me to go on living in cuffs

See, I will abandon myself to every single will He has for me
knowing that as He holds me He will take care of all of my needs
Because who else will breathe life into me one day
Then love me and take care of me unconditionally, always?


  1. Nice poem Tosin. Yes, if we know that our lives are in the hands of the creator, then, fear will be kicked far far away. I am following you.

  2. Thanks for reading Eya and following :) I appreciate it!

  3. Cool and Nice blog you have

  4. wow!, too true, too true. Agreed.


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