When there's nothing left

I'm on yet another journey, it seems like this is what my summer's all about...journeying. I'm back here to write, listening to music and letting whatever comes come. This came:

Plain, sand and dust as far out as he could look. Right hand on his head shielding his eyes from the brightly setting sun, he stood legs apart, left hand on his waist as he surveyed the land.
'God of mercy, have mercy on our souls' he whispered.

The clothes on his body had darkened to a deep brown, signs of the struggles he had been through. His trousers were torn at the ankles, and the sleeves on his shirt were cut up. His face was ashen with dirt and lined with worry, he stood, barely a man with no meat on his bones, his eyes had sunk in and his once pearly white teeth had darkened to match the shade of his skin.

He shook his head and sighed, he would not allow sadness to overwhelm him as he thought of his once great nation. It once stood like a mighty warrior ready to overcome, but it was now reduced to dust, and he had been searching. He traveled so far and so near, looking for his great nation, the place were gods had come to confer, kings had come to dine in this place, many had come to lose themselves here, but this was his nation now.He shook his head again and spat on the ground, shrugging defiantly, he whispered again,
'have mercy lord'  and turned away.
He used to be proud to identify with such a place, after all, generations of his family had traded their lives for this ground.

'is this what you died for?' The voice was sweet and small, it unsettled him.
'for this? To have this?' It questioned him. He began to walk away.

'No stay' it said, amused. 'this is it, all your hands have worked for. Isn't it beautiful?' It laughed and began to remind him of all the wonders of his nation and the places he had dreamt of coming back to enjoy. The voice seemed to get louder and more amused with every place it mentioned. Soon, it couldn't hold back the laughter anymore and began to fill his head with peals of harsh laughter.

So ridiculous was the situation, he started to smile and soon he was laughing too.
'oh...God...' He would cry between laughs.


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