Still Learning

I'm still learning how to push my toes forward
towards the water and just feel the it on my skin
even if it's terribly cold, cold to the bone
and even though I will shrink back in fright,
just as long as I took that step
I'm still learning.

I'm still learning how to open my mouth
fling words from my core and unto the floor
and just let them take effect
and not worry too much about my audience
the reception that meets them, or my reputation
I'm still learning.

I'm still learning that you do, indeed, hold
the whole of my life in your hands
and there is no secret or shame or covert flaw
that you cannot undo, in me, through me, on me
That you do not look to hurt me
but instead all you wish is to love me
I'm still learning.

I'm still learning to paste a smile on my face
regardless of how I perceive my state
or the state of the hate in others around me
if there is one. That I should be me
regardless of where I have come to be
That I really am free, to be me in every way
I'm still learning.


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