I Just Want To..

I'm by the window.
It's cracked open and the wind is playing hide and seek with my face.
It's smells like fall, gold like fall and salty too. I smile
You're on your table, a beautiful creature; simple but intricate.
I play with those thoughts in my head and three come out;
True as ever.
Maybe I'm just emotional.

Mine. It's simple but complicated
I just want to..
Touch you, if that is okay
If I pressed the tip of my fore-finger on your skin
for just a second..only a second, I swear
would that be okay?

I could hold you forever.
You're a dream,
the ones that kept me up all night
I prayed for you, I realize that now
and you're beautiful. I smile
Maybe I'm just emotional.

What is real?
I just want to...
Love, honestly, if that is alright
Unlock my gates and windows and let myself go
I'm falling. It's simple but complicated.


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