Naked Light

They called this a controversy, when my heart was torn out of me
My lord, I can still remember their spears and fires. Their shouts
and the words they bathed me with.
Could a daughter like me, really be found in such a state?

I was pulled out from where I hid by rough hands
and pushed and prodded to follow that path leading to my death
They cursed me with their tongue and called me vile
said I was lower than vermin because of where I hid my heart

They dragged me down that path, unknowingly, they led me to you
folks of age old wisdom and profound understanding, they were
yet they did not understand the anguish I bore within my chest
then you whispered in silence on those streets of cobbled stone

The cold air on my skin, less cold, as you let me enter in
their faces were a cycle of endangered fear
like flames stoked and stoked by food of dry wood
They were people talking without speaking
people hearing without listening.
People killing without reason.

I fell and you picked me up again, compassion in your eyes
and the people, everyone of them, retreated
for they all knew
Standing in the naked light- we all knew.


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