Where you are...I wanna be

In whom I live, in whom I move
and when I wake up, you're still with me.
Our love story would be very tiring
I would be the annoying heroine
You, the valiant warrior, undeserved
always sweeping me off my feet
and saving me, often from myself.

How is it that I feel so safe when I'm with you
yet I often wander away from your presence.
I'm lost Sheep,
lost because I've wandered far, far away from you
I'm the crazy one stuck in a thicket somewhere
at a bind, and I'm blind too
definitely scarred and wounded
and terribly confused. That's me.

And still, where you are is where I want to be
even when I'm lost, I still manage to find you
because all this time I was lost, you weren't
with you is my love, my breath, my life
with you is peace, love and life
I can't afford to live without
I don't mind telling the world how much I need you
because I desperately need you
and my only hope is that I'll be found in you
If I could just hide in you..


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