Where to go..

Somewhere in a distant country you've vaguely heard of, maybe that one with all the poor children, or the one that made you shake your head a while ago and then you promptly forgot about. One of those.

Kneeling down on the dirt to dust the sand off his little heels before continuing walking, he remembered his mama's face- a memory. Now it seemed every other kid around wanted a piece of him. If he wasn't dodging grumpy old men waving walking sticks in the air, he was pulling on the skirts of kind looking women who shushed him away like one of those flies he shushed away from his clothes. The little boy stood up and shielded the sun from his face, maybe today one of those women would look at him with pity and give him plenty. Now, left or right...

Damn it. He had completed secondary school top of his class, passed all his entrance exams and got into one of the best public universities in the country. He had made it second class though, but at the top. Maybe it took seven years to complete a four year degree, but that wasn't his fault. The school was always on strike. He was always a good student too, even studying during those strikes, just to catch up. He would wake up everyday before sunrise to clean the house, and then use the rest of the day's sunlight to study his books. Then at night when the heat from the candles made him sweat uncomfortably, he'd go out to feel a light breeze. But something else in the night's air would carry him and have him staggering back home hours later, drunk on whatever life fed him. Now, he's unemployed and the woman said she was expecting.Where to go, left or right..

If anyone had asked her she'd say she was so grateful, grateful to God for where she is, her family and the friends in her life. Of course she could complain, but from a broader perspective she couldn't ask for anything better. Thank God..Never mind the fact that her mind was held down by so many other things. He's tempting, and she could feel the wrong from deep down in her belly, but her body cried. Sometimes she didn't recognize herself, was she the one just thanking God for all he had done, or is this her now? the one thinking of the many ways she would...Lord have mercy. What about those other things? a life, a career, a family? Where to go, Left or right or..?


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