This man I loved.
it's not easy to understand the things you do and why
and my life is in your hands.
I suppose I had to move on
there wasn't really much of a choice
if it were just me Lord, you know I'd fall
This man I loved.

This man loved me.
I guess I should be thankful for this
at least I got to have him
Make life with him
until you took him from our love.
You had your plans all along
and you called me for a higher purpose
even though this wasn't my choice.

Each one of them you have blessed
He would be so proud to see them
and I tried, didn't I?
You know this is hard
and I thought you'd be tired by now
Inpatient with all of my breakdowns
but every time I cry out
I feel your love for me
Telling me you'll never leave me

How you've blessed me.
How you've blessed us.
You are the strength I need
Your joy is my strength every day
and you've turned my mourning
Into a dancing of praise
my gratitude is immeasurable.
You pulled me out of the miry clay
and set my feet on a solid ground
and I will forever be thankful.


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