Man vs What?

'Fuck the world' that age old statement rings through in every way
How can you point a gun in a child's face and call it okay
and your lies! your lies!
I don't even know where to start.

God, what is my purpose here, really?
am I to call people to you?
and yet the world makes me so angry.

He filled the cylinders with white phosphorus
knowing very well what will became of us.
She armed the machine that will end our lives
and yet she'll continue living her life
what am I supposed to do about this??
am I really in a position that's helpless
Fuck the world!!

Children, God! all of them, children!
burnt arms, torn limbs, lives not even lived
scarred bodies, charred bodies
and faceless frames. all children!
The 6 month old baby whose legs were eaten
the acid that consumed him left him bed ridden
only to be burnt alive in the hospital
and why am I here?

Why do I get life? and he gets nothing?
Not even given a chance
he's already victimized
They say war against terrorism
I really don't know what he did
6 months, God, 6 months!
what should I fight for? Lord
what should I be fighting for?

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  1. You get life because of Grace and mercy hun... what we can do is to pray for people in pain. May God heal all the broken hearts.


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