Crash and Burn Girls

We've been here before, mind tells me.

Those nights spun way out of control, from the blurring lights to the faces that seemed to mash up into one. Those days were crazy. We'd lazy about from noon till about five, then make the frantic phone calls to determine the location of our nightly rituals. Then it would start all over again. Sheer nylons, tight skirts riding up our thighs, tops slipping off our shoulders, flats slapping against the ground as we laughed our way to our destination. Six elbows linked, and we promised each other to always remain true to one another, and if any of us got too drunk tonight, we'd have to look out for each other. Then we would laugh as another memory was recalled.

The cold air would chill us to the bones but we didn't mind, instead we relished the darkness day brought us by four pm, because in it our wild ideas would roam free and we would attempt to live them out. My memory fails me a bit as I try to remember a particular incident. We were free- or so we thought. We'd laugh till the sun came up, and laugh some more till it went down. Sometimes we'd cry, like when we found out how dangerous our addiction had become, or sometimes we laughed about it till we cried.

Staying out in the rain all night, rolling around on the floor of the bus, flashing tourists on a hot day, harassing pedestrians, smoking by the sea, freezing in the forest, running wild at the beach, dancing on the streets way past midnight, flirting with grown men in clubs, sneaking alcohol in grocery bags past our parents, web-cam-ing with strangers in Germany, playing with fire, playing with boys, hating boys, craving boys, giggling in adult stores, laughing out loud in restaurants, sitting on strangers, piercing our ears, dancing till we were dizzy, drinking till we couldn't feel the cold, throwing up in the back seat of the car, pretending to forget everything that went down last night.

Nostalgia. As the song plays my mind takes me to a time that seems so far away, long before we decided to play grown-ups and we didn't mind falling till our faces hit the ground. And we'd go down, down, down, down, down just like the song told us to.

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