Peace, Be Still

Come and sit young lady.
She had that look in her eyes
the one I had carried for most of my life
the same shy smile and insecure glance to hide behind.
I knew her, even though we'd never spoken,
I saw the same spirit in her that I'd fought to conceal.

I hoped the lines on my face, graced by old age
would not frighten her.
I just wanted to talk to her, find out her name
and tell her in the end it'll be alright.
For there will come an end to all this
I just hope she listens.

I could see how the world had left her wary
she wore the worry on her face so clearly,
and what is a woman like me supposed to do
when I too used to carry that same look.
So I called her to come sit by me
to speak words that might appease.



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