In the Wilderness

I wrote this a while truly expresses how I felt then.

Her heels were beginning to burn. The pain had gone from a dull throbbing ache as they hit the ground to sharp piercing pain she could hardly feel anymore. Ruins, everywhere, rubble and debris littered the ground for miles as far out as she could see. Her face itch where tears had ran their course, now there were dried up tear trails reaching down from the corner of her eyes to her lips.

Brushing her nose with the back of her hand she sniffed and whispered 'keep walking'. She had lost track of all thoughts; emptiness of mind was the only peace that seemed to console her. Her eyes were two slits as she squinted in the sun, bare feet still walking. There was stillness in the air, the day. The only sound being her feet as they manoeuvred their way through the broken, hands still at her sides with fists clenched. Keep walking. All sense of purpose had long been forgotten. With no purpose of her own, she went where her feet led. Who her feet were following was a mystery to them both, yet they kept walking.

'To whom do you belong' The whisper was barely audible over the silence. It wasn't a question, it was a statement and it chilled her. She stopped walking to look around, there was nobody, so she continued following her feet.
'whose are you?' The voice came again, this time with an imposing question, as if it was interrogating, looking for an answer to an overdue and unsolved mystery.
She stopped again and looked around, then picked up her pace, fear gripping her fragile mind.
'Who are you?' It was a shout now. She began to run, there were no more tears to cry, but the same emotion agonized her heart. She ran until everything seemed to go back to normal, her tired feet hurt from running so she stopped for a while and looked around.
'No..' she whispered as she realized she was in the same place as before.
This time the whisper came clear 'Who and whose are you?' it asked calmly.

'Have mercy please' She whispered brokenly. Too tired to stand, her body fell to the ground, then there was darkness.


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