Women submitting

I've never fallen in love before..with a man that is, (I always fall in love with God), so I probably can't write about it. I've had crushes..Lawd, have I had crushes..and 'like likes' :) Then I opened my heart to love once, made the decision to love, but something in my heart told me it was very wrong..and instead of loving the person, I found myself yearning more and more to love God instead. So, trying to love him, drove me to God's love and to making more of an effort to show my love for God. That was a win.

But when I read or watch anything romantic, or watch my parents or other married couples..I start to get some idea of what it's like for a woman to love a man...the continuous act of 'loving' a good man (in a non-sexual way). I get a sense of how She abandons herself to Him, I guess this is the submittance the Bible talks about. I have a lot of feminist friends (both male and female) who hate that idea of submitting. I might be very wrong, but all the women I have seen in somewhat-healthily functioning relationships..have that trace of submittance in all of them. Then I look at most of my mates..and how husband-crazy we get at times, and most women I've met LOVE to talk about men, who's hot, who could 'get it'..etc..so it's as if..there is a yearning to be in a relationship. God cursed Eve and said 'you will yearn for your husband all your life'...and I see that yearning in all of us, both married and not. So I'm wondering is it in our DNA, character, biological make-up..to want to submit to a man?

Most women want a strong man. Physically, mentally, spiritually or whatever we deem most important..we just want him to be strong in that way. A lot of women deny this..I think that's sad. For me, I want a man that's strong spiritually, mentally, and physically..oh and emotionally (whatever that means..as long as I think he's strong), because I want him to step up in areas where I may not be able to step up. I want him to catch me at my weak points. And we get weak..Women get weak (so do men), but most women today need to realize that..a lot of single women (not married or/and with kids) feel like they can take on the world. I feel like that too..I am so independent, don't need no man..sure..but I get weak sometimes. If I had kids..they'd suffer. So, I would want for him to be my strength in those moments, so it's like we're a powerful front always pulling through..in his weaknesess, I'm strong and in mine..he's strong.

Anyway...back to submitting. Maybe I'm childish, too Nigerian or too traditional, but I love that notion of abandoning myself (first to God) then secondly to a really good man. Leave him in charge of my well-being and not have to be so pre-occupied with myself for too long. Instead, I have this yearning to be pre-occupied with his and with others' well-being (s). That's how I see submittance. He will love me and do all that he can to make sure that I am well taken care of..and I will love him and do the same for him..this is what I see in my parents.

He must be a Godly man though, in all sense. That is my one and only requirement (ok..maybe not: tall, dark..hot ;)). Godly men have tasted God's love and seen how powerful it is..so they are obliged to show that same love to those around..definitely to their women. And I, I must be disciplined enough to wait for that kind of man. Any other type would only chip away at my heart, waste my time especially in that whole 'getting over the break-up' process.

When I'm married, I'm sure I'll get a deeper understanding of this submittance, and what it's like to be in love..to be loved by and to love a man. All in God's time though.


  1. When I read your posts......your depth of knowledge glows so radiantly.....your illumination so apparent.....the love within exposing deeper depths! I cannot say how proud I am to know you......great post and a lot of true words for men and women.......for surely drawer closer to God enable us to know ourselves better and brings out the true and good nature of our being...:)


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