Ma Br

I have a friend that's fighting for her life
While the war rages from within,
Trying to kill her.
It brings tears to my eyes, I don't want to lose her
Yet your will be done, again and again
To that, the chorus sings Amen.

My heart hums prayers,
Prayers I'd rather scream at you
tear my hair, cry my eyes out
pour my heart out
Scream till my weak heart has had enough
And my poor throat is sore
My frail body sprawled out on the floor

I want to gnash my teeth at you
till you tell me what you're doing
What are you doing?
Oh, I know a girl that's fighting for her life
Fighting, father, she's fighting
Everyday she invites you to the battle
Knowing it is won as long as you're there

You said you will NEVER leave her not forsake her
don't abandon her lord, for you made her.


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