The Letter

After taking out the crumpled paper from his back pocket, he looked at the small group, smiled and said
'I guess you could say I was inspired' Then began to read

I..after watching my dreams fade away into the blue
I had gone searching..up up in the sky
Thinking maybe...maybe I could run into you
again. That would be nice
It's all I have ever desired
Just to see you
Only you.

He looked up, and with a nervous sigh continued,

I...I just can't. Not anymore
I really can't. Can I please come join you
Can I be with you right now?
You love me, and I just really, really need that now
I choose to not believe that this is it- all there is
because I know when you see me, really look at me
You still see me- you still love me
and I need that.

He stopped reading. Feeling overly exposed and overwhelmed with emotion, he chuckled and shoved the paper back into his pocket. The group just looked on silently, not sure of what to make of his words. He was disoriented for a bit, smiling nervously to try and mask the emotions swimming in his head and the fear boiling in his belly. He cleared his throat as if the group's unspoken words were choking him, and quickly walked out of the door.


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