In the Fire

Oh there's so much of me that needs to be burned.
Cast into the flame, the sea..anywhere but around me
I will sing your promises out loud
within my four walls, at the open skies
anywhere..until I am reminded over and over again

Condemnation brews beneath my exterior
and my thoughts spew destructive fire
but doused in the Blood..they lay dormant.

And your voice whispering to me
telling me I am yours, of you, from you, in you
and there is, now, no condemnation for me.
Oh lord see me through!
I cry out to you, I sing out to you
You who started a good thing in me.

So I will praise!
I will do the bidding of my heart and break out in erratic movements,
you are still God..even in the fire!
Hands spread out, wide, and feet leaping for Joy
you are still God, even in the fire!
In total abandon and realization of my helplesness, I now know
you are God!
You are my reason to sing and to worship
You are still God!


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