This is LONG - I Apologize, I hope you read till the end though :)
A recent Note I posted on FB

As far back as I can remember I've always been consumed with that notion
and looking into history and generations before me I see that pattern has always been there

We need it.
I've heard people deny it, spit at its name!
even claim that they have been HURT by LOVE before!
How ridiculous!

This morning I felt Love that left me ashamed of myself
ashamed of those before me
and those even to come after me.
How can we Love when we don't even know what it is?
My generation claims to Love
we haven't even scratched its surface and yet we're so convinced

What is Love?
would the love you say you have, know everything about you and still Love you?
would that love be privy even to your deepest, darkest intentions and still love you?
would that love love you inspite of yourself?
would love watch you rise, fall and crumble like dirt and still claim to love you?
would it love you inspite of who you'll ever be?
asking nothing of you, expecting nothing from you.
and yet we say we love..
or worse, we're in love.

Emotions rise and fall, suddenly, unexpectedly, without warning
thoughts flow in and out of one another
we're lost even before we're found
and when we're found we feel lost
we hold on to one thing at a time
proclaiming in our heads and to each other: that's life!
and then unexpectedly emotions come and we deem it love
so sure, so certain - until it's lost.

What about Love that is constant?
a thread that follows us through time
Love that remains even after the high is gone
and still remains when the rains come?
Love that understands 
that because we feel really good now we'll push it aside
and then when the emotions die we'll pull it off the ground
love that understands that.
Love that doesn't need you to feel
or have any emotions that validate it
Love that could really do without you
and yet chooses to remain with you.
Love that doesn't need you
but knows that you need it
so it stays with you.
Never leaves you.

We hold on to each other desperately needing this love
and many times we get it wrong
we expect too much from one another
then we're dissapointed when one of us fails.
So we curse love and each other,
meanwhile Everything we do is an attempt
an attempt to fulfill this need
Sometimes we're unaware of it.
We need something to remain
even after we've done everything that we've done
something needs to be constant
because we change and the world changes
something reassuring
even after everyone we know is gone
something has to be there!

And something is there: Love 
You won't find it in another's face
search all you want within the world
but the deeper you dig
the further you fall.
Love goes deeper than we can understand
the greatest of the greatest could theorize it
but the truth of the matter is we'll never understand it.

But Love simply says, seek and you will find


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