You Were Never Innocent

I remember you back then,
you were never innocent.
You had that gleam in your eyes,
skin glowing with hidden desires-
you were never innocent,
you used to play with fire.
Held your fingers too close to the flames
nervous giggles as the temperature rose
jerking back quickly when you got too close
and laughing hysterically, it was all a game.

Till you got burned.

Ah, there used to be such fire in your heart.
You would poke it, stoking it till it arose-
feeding it with wood, fuel and coal,
till the day it burned you and you got cold
what happened to you?
Don't say age, you never got old
yet your present is your past's shadow
What happened to you?

Or maybe you're peeling?
reeling from your past's dealings?
maybe all this time I got it wrong,
maybe you're phoenix and you're rising-
from the ashes, you're emerging
Is that you? maybe I got it wrong
is that your skin shedding?
sliding off your your back, slipping?

Man, I swear I thought I lost you
But you're becoming brand new.


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