Who I Am

I am healing in plain sight
Mercy's poster child
Grace's landing strip

I am perfection in the light
Forgiveness in Christ
A part of the masterpiece

I am a transformation from what used to be
to the wonderful, new and thriving me
I am free
Love wrapped in your palms
I am free
a testimony to your glory
I am free
your wonderful works
I am free
an example of how you bring one out of the darkeness and into your wonderful light.
I am an embodiment of Christ.
I am free
Your child.
Your love.
I am yours. That's what counts

Thinking about everything God has done for me and how he's always been there, shielding me  and protecting me especially when I didn't know what the outcome of my actions would have been. He's aweosme. Who the son sets free, is free indeed. I am free indeed


  1. I am free…
    The whole post was beautiful but these 3 words resonated in my heart.

  2. I am free indeed! Thanks @Inthemidstofher :)


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