On Ice

He held my arm as we walked across the ice. Such fragility beneath our feet.
It took all the strength I had to stop images of falling through from permeating my mind.
Thoughts that come before the demise.
He just kept smiling.
I slipped a couple of times, that akward dance to regain control and he would hold me tighter.
Sometimes I would pull my arm away from him, feeling confident
Then in just one wrong footing, before I knew what became of me
I would hit the ground crashing, cracking the ice beneath me.
Frightened and frustrated I would call for him to help me back up
He would be standing over me already, arms pulling me up already
At first I would straighten myself up, pull my pride back up from the floor
refuse his outstretched hand and go the way alone.
Only to find myself once again on the floor, ashamed and afraid again
Calling out to him again, finding him helping me up again.

Now we walk across the ice together, arm in arm
The lines between us begin to fade away
We slowly become one, I in him, he in me
I know his thoughts, he'd always known mine
His love in me, me in his love-immersed in it

Blood flows through us, binding us
His blood, purer than mine, pushed mine away
I am now of pure blood, royalty, his queen
I learn to carry myself of such
ridding myself of all that is myself
a confluence becomes a stream
Flowing in one direction, one goal, one purpose
Soon we don't walk across the ice
I in him, him in me, firmly rooted as one
Walk across the ice.


  1. hmm... nicely written. me likey!

    following you now, www.apysworld.blogspot.com please visit sometime.

  2. aww I love it! it is amazing how God is always there :)

  3. Thanks Priscy! I'm following you too- and I'll definitely visit often. Thanks Abi, it is! He's always always there, I love it!


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