The Importance of Being

We are in completely different places
these voices in my head keep saying the same things
and I'm scared they might be right.
How wrong would we be if we continued like this
Everything in me would like to deny it
but this is the bottom line.
So this is the end.

We used to kiss exhaustively
remember how we would hold on to each other?
forcing the make believe
and nothing was right, it never felt right
and yet we kept trying,
how sad.
This is not about you though, or me
this is about how we have to be.

I channeled my insanity and let it roam free
Took Chance on a game of hide and seek
and what I found! what I keep finding
Oh the doors that continue to open
and the love that continue to astound me
surprise me! 

And you wouldn't believe these little things
the ones that shock and hurt my feelings
the ones that create another layer on my skin
and the strength! I know it couldn't have been from me.
'But still, like air, I'll rise'*
and don't you ever forget that little fact
that still like air, we'll rise.

So when there's nothing left to be
and all our dreams are make believe
I know how easy it is to slip on that face
you know, the one we save as a last grace
How we would love to forgive ourselves
for all those silly mistakes we made
but in the end we're stuck in ourselves
I will be me, and you could be you
and to ourselves we could be true.

*Still I Rise- Maya Angelou


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