I am Incredible

No, I have not attempted to break the internet with my greasy bum, or released a hit album that has people tripping over themselves trying to get a copy. I have not recently amassed a huge fortune of any kind or solved global warming. I did not save the polar bears. I did not feed a whole village in a poverty-ridden country somewhere (still working on that one) or end malaria, AIDS or Ebola. I have not accomplished any of the above, and I may not anytime soon, but I am still pretty frickin' incredible.

Let me tell you why...move in a little closer..

Twenty-three years ago I was brought into this world, and in all those years I have lived. I have seen things, felt things, I have been hurt, I have been happy. I have made mistakes, I have sworn never to do certain things again and well...I did them again. I have cried so hard I fell asleep and I have laughed so hard till I cried. I have learned things. I have trusted people I never should have and I have ignored people I should have listened to.

I have been lucky enough to go to certain places; some, I stayed too long at and some I wished I had stayed longer. I have been so bored I thought I would go out of mind and I have been so excited I thought I would throw up. I have been so awkward it hurt to breathe and I have been so relaxed...so relaxed...what happened to those days?

I have missed opportunities because I was too afraid and I have courageously seized moments without looking back. I have been so quiet, I and my opinions disappeared into thin air. I have been so loud about my opinions, I lost some 'friends'. I have judged wrongly, I have judged rightly. The list goes on..the point is: I have experienced things.

I do not know how long I have left to live, but for the past twenty-three years I woke up every morning, alive. Before you roll your eyes, stop and and think for a moment. Every morning for the past however many years you are, you woke up! Life might not be where you hoped it would be, but that does not take away from the fact that you are. You had your highs and lows, you experienced things, you could teach some things! You have first-hand knowledge of a wide variety of life experiences that is unmatched with anyone else. You have thoughts and opinions running through your head, you believe certain things for a reason and you disregard others for the same reason. There is a reason that you are. That I am.

If you would like, if you would take the chance, if you could swim through all that is holding you back, you have life-altering resources at your fingertips, the supernatural running through your veins. You could put a smile on another's face or leave it with a frown. You could impact another's soul so much, all they want is to be like you, or you could leave them cringing with a bitter taste in their mouth. You might think you're a ghost, floating from one place to another, unnoticed, neglected, abandoned but that is impossible. If you would let your hands go for a moment and feel the ground underneath your feet, you will see that you are here. You will see that the walls you are creating in your head do nothing but blind you from the ground beneath your feet and the sky filled with opportunities above you.

You. Have. Power. I do too! That is why I am incredible. We might not have made Forbes' 100 Most Powerful People or be looking to make that list one day, but just for being, for being a 'being' each of us are incredible. They say it is only dead fish that swim against the current, and everyday we rebel against the course of the river. Some days we give in and become like cattle and run in the same direction when in the 'great inside' we want to run the other way. That is why we are incredible, for wanting to turn around. You are you, you are a flame, you can start a fire, you can burn a bush or light up an entire forest. It is up to the you that is you.

To conclude, I am saying that because I am alive, breathing, I come in contact with others and I am filled with life experiences that have shaped me, I have power to make a difference in someway. Whether it be in the moment, hour, day, life of a single person or the entire world's population. Whether it be in the corporate world, or in the polar bear world, the fact that I can is what makes me frickin' incredible. I might not feel like it always and even though I just wrote all this, I do not feel very incredible at this particular moment but it has NOTHING to do with how I feel. It is a fact, it just IS, when I am at my lowest-low I am still frickin' incredible. The End.

I have managed to compare you to a ghost, fish, cow and fire. See? you can be whatever the heck you wanna be, so go'on now with your incredible self!


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