The way I see it..

I've been thinking about this..and it started to make sense to me after I read Romans 7. verse 18 says "For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out"
The way I see it..

This world is funny.
Someone's talking to me about feminism, fire and passion burning inside her, steam exploding from her ears meanwhile my sisters are out there everyday paying with their bodies, a debt they never incurred.
Someone's talking to me about a nation filled with cancerous hate and filth, imploding on the inside, crying to be saved but killing itself with every attempt, dying everyday before it can be given a chance to live.
Someone's talking to me about god, quoting for me the old prophets and nay-sayers to this world, trying to cajole me into a religion I feel no security in, and then turning around and sticking a knife deep into my back.

They say love, love, love your neigbours, your friends, your family, your dog till it's twisted and screwed up and we hear stories of a child forced to "love" her daddy in the secret. Love?
We all dream of the ocean and sand, clear blue skies and green forests, or pure white snow, clean fresh air and water. Mountains and glaciers to behold, to uphold. Yet with our fingers we scratch away the beauty that we so long to hold.
Think about it, how many beautiful women out there, conceal and preserve their beauty knowing it is precious and to be valued? and how many work it, twerk it, jerk it, flaunt it, 'tell me baby, if you really want it'?

We have no idea what to do with beauty and our innate nature always wants to ruin it. How many men see a beautiful woman and think purely safe and sanctified thoughts of her? and vice versa? We have good intentions, yet we kill those intentions with our very nature. Just look around with open eyes.

Sorry if I sound melancholic- On the bright side, This is why Jesus came! (Preach) God knows this about us, he sees it. Fact is, we're very submissive creatures, we like to be under the power of something- we give over so easily, whether it be to drinking, gambling, sex, partying, money, internet, food, relationships, work, fashion, cars, ourselves etc..there is always something that takes precedence in our lives. So I think everything we struggle to get right in this world is a waste of time if God isn't at the centre of it.

Peace x.


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