Can I Say?

He said that whoever will say unto a mountain 'be removed and cast into the sea', without doubt in their heart so will it be. Do I believe?

Well, I could dance all day in my rags and sing songs of redemption and helplessness, cry 'God help me' a million times and curl up in the corner somewhere just waiting.

Oh but I want joy, boundless joy, joy that causes me to grin from ear to ear, spread my arms around and flap them like wings. Dancing and shouting about like I'm crazy, I'm already crazy!
So I will wrap myself in satin, my finest clothing, gold to adorn my body, diamonds sparkling in my hair, a silk scarf trailing behind me- all the finest. Then I'll hit the streets with my tambourine, samba playing in my ear to an African beat and I will dance, sing, praise, move my waist like He's coming right now.

So can I say? can I speak? My body longs to sing and dance, if I could just shake off what's left of this world on my shoulders, hand them over and be free to do what I want to.
Oh, I will say, proclaim it, shout it from the top of Everest, scream it from my bedroom window till everyone knows, till they know. So when the mountain has found itself in the sea I will laugh till I cry and then hit the streets again in all my finest, so well prepared for this ceremony. A ceremony.

Laughter never leaving my lips, Eyes aglow, arms raised and waving about, bearing my soul. Oh, because when I say! Just to say..I will speak! I will speak! I will say unto this mountain 'remove yourself and be thrown in to the sea' and that's where it'll be.

Oh joy! When I say, just to say..


  1. My mind in words... everything isn't perfect in our lives but the fact we have Christ and leave him to Orchestrate our future gives us joy.... I like this one :)

    1. So true. Joy that's unexplainable, it makes no sense even to you and that's the best part! Thanks Abi!


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