Shining Just To Show

He slipped into the afternoon, barely noticeable in the glare of the blazing sun. Tossed over his torso was a thin white cotton shirt, untucked, with the first three buttons unbuttoned. The sleeves were rolled up on his arms, which swayed lazily besides him as he walked. He wore a helpless smile on his face, which, in spite of himself, he couldn't keep away from his features; it stretched the corners of his lips until tiny arches appeared on the sides, bunching his cheeks up like two full moons on his lovely face.

He would walk, looking ahead of him; smile still in place. Then suddenly, blush, when what looked like a memory floated across his face. He would then look down at his feet as the pleasure glowed so brightly from inside. Of its own accord, his smile would spread out even further. By and by, his walk became a semi-dance in the hot afternoon: hips oscillating rhythmically to his tune on replay. Sandaled feet began gliding down the path and his glowing face continued to expose inherent joy.

I wonder. What could fill a man with so much joy that he couldn't hide it even if he tried? even at a distance away from him I could feel his joy sweeping through me. Filling me with pleasures I want to hold on to if my fingers could just reach for them, grasp them and keep them with me. I feel like dancing to the small speckle I caught of his tune, knowing that it won't last very long. I can already feel them slipping away from me, so I wrap my arms around me in an attempt to hold on for a while. Still, a grateful smile graces my features and I am still in awe of the sight of him. I turn my back to the window and I still can't keep the smile away from my face even if I tried. Breathe.

Maybe that's what it's like when you choose life.


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