I've been sitting in this same damn corner-side of the road, away from the shade-spot ever since I realized I couldn't go on on my own. And still I wait on you, for you, to just say something, anything and I'll take it.
Oh how the mighty have fallen! I used to sit with kings and dine with princes, laugh with queens and dance with emperors. I was counted among them, back when I felt so high and untouchable, so blessed and undeniable. Back when I felt love like it was a privilege, dripping down the sides of my arms and soaking through my tunic.

Now I watch my old friends walk past me down the road and still, here, I wait. I've given everything up to you, over and over again I say, you can have whatever you like, whether it be my heart, my soul, my mind, my body- I mean it. Take them all if you wish. Your will be done through and through, but please, say something, anything, I promise- I'll take it. And what if I don't like it...? Is it humbling?

Humbling to wait, just to wait. To be put on hold while my patience is being tested day in, day out. Humbling to stop myself from crumbling till I'm alone with you. Humbling to realize that just like everyone else on Earth, I am truly here- this is me, living. Humbling to acknowledge that I really have no power, no will of my own and I have to wait, all of the time I have to trust. I just have to sit here in this same damn corner-side of the road, away from the shade-spot and wait. I don't like it, but I really have no other choice.


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